Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yes, that's the full version of my nickname

It's a long story. I'll tell ya if you want. Just know that it derived in some strange way from my real name.

So, does anyone know why Blogger/Google always defaults to showing everything in Japanese on my system, or how to change that? I can read and navigate the pages in Japanese decently enough, but certainly not as easily as if they were English.

My normal "blog" is here:
It consists mainly of things that I think my friends might be interested in, and only occasionally mentioning stuff that I actually did.

And my YouTube account is, predictably:
It consists of videos of ragtime musicians, videos of interest to cartoon fans (primarily the Animaniacs/P&TB/Freakazoid crowd), videos of racing simulators, and the occasional video of me doing voices and a few videos of places I go to or critters outside the house.

I also have a rarely checked MySpace page:
I just have a bunch of links to audio recordings of me doing voices there, and an embedded YouTube playlist of people playing my compositions.

The "1st" is added in each case because someone already took "Keeper" ahead of me, even though I was the first person to use the name on the internet as far as I know. I began using the internet in 1985. Hoil! I'm a net.geezer!


takineko said...

1985 was the year I was born..



Keeper said...

You know the proverb: You're only as old as you feel.

So if I feel you, then I--


Ouch! So much for proverbs. Then again, I did feel that!

takineko said...

Hahahaha... sexual harrassment. Ah, good times. 8D

[btw my verification word- to make sure I'm not a spam bot is, "dingle"]

John P. McCann said...


Good to see you've opened yet another site on the web.

It's like six degrees of separation only with links.


Keeper said...

Hmm, yeah, I didn't mention a DeviantArt page (I can't draw; I just have it to comment on other people, and 'cause there's an animation for which I wrote music and provided a voice ... I should add that to the links list thingy that Blogspot permits), a Hi5 page (only have it 'cause I was invited to by a composer in Poland for whom I made a sheet music score)... uh... what else? Gosh.

I suppose someday I'll have to break down and secure a Facebook page too, eh?

But yeah, with LiveJournal laying off scores of people, who knows what the future holds there? If it kablooifies, then I suppose this will be the new "active blog" for Keeperia.

Speakin' of the list o' links thingy, I should see about doing that right now.

takineko said...

Uh oh, didn't know that about LJ. I've had my Live Journal for so long, I can't imagine what I'd do if somehow all of it was erased! So many memories..
I also don't have a facebook. After I was forced to have a myspace I just give people a cold vacant stare when they ask me to join a similar site.