Saturday, March 28, 2009

License plate ponderings

I was thinking it might be fun to have a personalized license plate. In Nevada, a motorcycle plate carries a maximum of six characters.

Predictably, "KEEPER" is not available ("KIIPAA" is...).

Humorously, "CALIF" is available.

So what else is available, of toon or ragtime interest? Here are some:

YAKKO (WAKKO and DOT are not)
ZORT (POIT and NARF are not, but, for a car, "HA NARF" is, as is "NARFOLA" and "NARFADA")
EGAD (I have said "egad" since long before Animaniacs!)
AYPWIP ("Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?")
RAGTME (for a car, RAGTIME is not available)
DARN (don't DARN the luck! it's available!)
PU (my first online nickname; it's what I put on videogame high scores)
NO CAR (I like that!)

Although a straight number can't be used, "8T8" is available to make my lucky number of eighty-eight.

In case you're wondering, both "SKIPPY" and "SLAPPY" are not available. Neither is "SPEW"!
For a car, "CAVEGUY" is available. How sublime.
For a car, "BALONEY" is available! Yum yum doodle dum!
For a car, "RENHOEK" is available, you eediot!

Monday, March 23, 2009

PC up and running in Reno

But brrrr it's cold. I think they forgot to put insulation under the floor in my room, 'cause the floor here is much much colder than any other part of the house.

I rode my motorcycle in a snowstorm for the first time, yesterday. Whee!

I'll put together a video of clips I shot during the move and my first day here. (I didn't start recording until we hit snow on the Sierras, though.) I should be able to slap 'em together and post it tonight, so you'll see it on the right side of this blog in the "Recently Uploaded Videos" bar.

More details about my first day are on my LiveJournal.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Before I move to Nevada this weekend, I made sure to pay a visit to my
72-year-old father. It is from him that I got my sense of humor.

He agreed to be interviewed on camera, to tell some of his old stories. People have told him that he should have written a book about his life experiences (alas, spinal meningitis as a child erased his language skills and he never regained full literacy). This is the next best thing.

The first video just talks about growing up during World War II. It isn't as interesting as some of the later videos, but it's the start, so ... there it is.

Future part topics:

  • Playing stickball as a kid; getting Babe Ruth's autograph; learning how to hit from Roger Maris; ditching school to see games; how he was nearly drafted by the Yankees; Casey Stengel

  • Making deliveries for Alfred Hitchcock

  • Meeting Sophie Tucker

  • Pranks he inspired, and pranks he did as a kid; beating the odds set by doctors

  • More pranks as a kid; being a cross-country trucker; trucker story

  • His big accident, and the woman who saved his life; surviving downhill with no brakes in a tanker carrying 8600 gallons of fuel; more trucking stories

  • Making deliveries for "the family"

  • Cars; driving in every state but Hawaii

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Karaoke time!

You know you want to...

I had made the music in late 2007 for some anime cosplayers who wanted to do a Yakko's World parody and asked me if I could make the Yakko's World music without Yakko's voice.

Now to see who adds their own voice tracks!