Saturday, May 22, 2010

"You remind me of a very young Randy Rogel." Slappy would say.

Back in the late 1980s, I got copies of some rather famous fan-made Doctor Who films. They were famous for their use of a woman in the leading role, and their relatively high production values for fan films.

Then in 1996 as I was showing the films to a friend, I was startled by the name Randy Rogel in the credits. Turns out, yes, it was that Randy Rogel who played the companion, Carl Evans. Randy even choreographed his own song'n'dance number in the second episode.

Yet I never had seen online copies of these films, until now. Apparently, producer Ryan K. Johnson has allowed them to be included in a fan-film archive.

So enjoy some young Randy Rogel...

The Wrath of Eukor
Visions of Utomu
Broken Doors

And an additional film which was not a Doctor Who story per se, but does have the Doctor and Carl in it: Pentagon West

Then when you're done with that, check out this video I shot as I presented my transcription of the Animaniacs theme to a friend who's a phenomenal sight-reader:

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