Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Charismatic Cackle?

Someone called my evil laugh in the Angelina title sequence a "charismatic cackle."

I thought that was amusing.

Anyway, huzzah to Valerie for managing to get that animation featured as a "Daily Deviation" on DeviantArt. The first couple times that animation was uploaded, the folks at DeviantArt removed it, thinking it was a violation of the Terms of Use. In other words, they thought it was too good to be the work of the poster, my old friend Federica Giulietti. They thought it was a real TV show's title sequence. Well, Federica certainly dreams that one day it would be...

No digital animation or effects there. Even the backlit-shading effects were all drawn by her hand. The music is original too. I should know, because I wrote it.


takineko said...

^^ I was so happy they picked it!

It really does look like a real opener, she really needs more exposure. That deserves to be a show!

Keeper said...

Yeah, and John & Paul & Tom et al deserve to be gainfully employed. It's a cruel world.

Of course, if Federica had millions of euros, she'd hire John & Paul & Tom et al to make the show, without hesitation!